The Damn Dirty Apes – The Apes of Wrath (iTunes)


The Damn Dirty Apes has been cultivating a strong local following and this thirteen song CD (about a half hour) documents their powerful sound perfectly.  “The Apes of Wrath” is crunching and engaging music that interlocks the same punk, metal, and hardcore influences as Big 4 legend Anthrax does. Melding hooks and punishment, you’ll find yourself raging along with the thrashing music, banging your head along when they reel the tempo back under control and laughing and singing along with the obscenity laden choruses.


Released November 2011 (Overdose On Records)


Who Cares?
Dead Engine
The Trout
Set Fires
The Devil & Sammy Davis
Pearls From Swine
The Villian
Slaves/King of Apes
Blades of Swords

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